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V+ Bulletin Boards & Communities

VisionsLive V+ Boards is a tool that embraces social media concepts and culture, being purpose-built for online qualitative research. V+ Boards are designed to allow researchers to really engage respondents in an environment that feels familiar, safe, and intuitive. Respondents participate and contribute freely and honestly, so you can get the insights you need, quickly and effectively.

Supports large & small scale online interviewing projects

Journals, diaries & forum discussions

Structure & segment conversations


Allow respondents to submit their own media

Mobile –

Native multi-language

Comprehensive reporting & transcripts

Asynchronous… and loving it!

With V+ Boards, respondents and moderators can participate in an online research project in their own time, from anywhere in the world, in any language. Present any kind of digital media, build any kind of study with our easy-to-use wizard, and work with respondents in exactly the way you want. Go beyond text chat and static images and engage participants with interactive whiteboards, video, polls, and more.

Responsive design for engaging respondents… and observers

V+ Boards have a comprehensive backroom for clients or stakeholders to watch a research project as it happens, and to engage with their colleagues. No special software is required for anyone to participate – participants and observers only need a standard web browser and internet connection. They can participate on any device including mobiles, laptops, tablets and desktops.

Rich media delivers rich insights

Require a whiteboard response. Or a text response. Get respondents to upload images, videos and audio. Present and view any kind of rich stimuli – video, audio, images, polls, interactive whiteboard tasks and more. Truly empower your researchers with this dynamic bulletin board platform.

Concept Testing Tool / Heatmap+

Easily test any kind of digital image document with Heatmap+, and get rich feedback and commenting linked to specific points and areas of your image. Easily spot the differences in opinions between segments, see focus areas and understand where changes need to be made.

Co-creation Exercise

Engage the help of your target market in designing or re-developing your new or existing brand or service. Respondents can be asked to create a collage by uploading images and using various tools such as text.


Every account has a choice of 3 default themes, with up to 10 additional themes reflecting common topics and industries. We also have a bespoke design service if you, or your client, wish to have a bulletin board theme based on corporate colours and logos. Backgrounds, logos and the colour of visible elements can be changed to anything required.

Supported by industry experts

We have an in-house Project Success Team that’s with you, or behind the scenes every step of the way, to make sure that every project you do with us is a complete success.

 Trusted by leading research and insight companies

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